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Bible College

Welcome to Telugu Krysthava Vedanta Vidyalayam
Telugu Krysthava Vedanta Vidyalayam (Bible College) was established in the year1998 by Apostle Dr.Livingston Gadde. As on March 2004, there are around 82 students in Telugu Medium and 13 in English Medium all under going Bachelor’s Degree in Theology by extension. However, in each center, once in a week students gather for 2 hours of teaching and discussions.
Nominal fee of US Dollars 50 is charged for each semester of six months duration and there are total 8 semesters and 24 subjects are in the curriculum generally, on par with other Bible Colleges of Degree Level.
Degrees are issued by the authorities of this institution upon recommendation of the faculty, administration and approval by the Christian Education Division of ‘Trans world Ministries’ United States of America.
Few honorary Doctorate degrees have also been awarded to God’s servants who have put long years of hard work in the Vineyard of our Lord among Telugu speaking people. We gather at National Evangelical Church in Kuwait;